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One day, your grandchildren will ask to see photographs of your children; how will you answer? 

Will technology automatically update current digital formats or will there be generations of captured memories lost in a mire of outdated file formats?

It is not my place to insist on prints, but as the storyteller responsible for freezing time, for capturing milestones, for documenting memories; I feel a responsibility to my craft, to my clients and to history making, to encourage you to consider professional prints and wall art.

In this day and age of digital images, it's all too easy for images to be lost in the digital ether, for files to be damaged, for hard drives to fail, for phones and pen drives to break or get lost and with them your precious memories.

There is no doubting, the magic of holding a photograph in your hands and having a tangible picture that can be shown off, framed, popped in the family album and passed down the generations. It's been well documented that children who grow up seeing portraits of themselves in and around their home environment, grow up with a stronger sense of belonging, value and self esteem and who doesn't love rifling through a shoebox of old photographs and admiring family likenesses through the generations!

We are huge advocates of the printed image, so much so, that all of our collections include some professionally printed photographs. As part and parcel of your photography experience, we take the time to show you examples of our carefully handcrafted and bespoke products. 

At Little Beans we offer a varied selection of printed Wall Art and print options with something to suit everyone's home décor and taste. 

  • Pro Lab prints

  • Framed Wall Art

  • Contemporary Acrylics

  • Floating Fine Art

  • Wooden Orbs

  • Folio Boxes

  • Loose Prints & Mounted or Matted Prints




Quality Assured

When you eat in a high end restaurant, you don't expect your food to be served on paper plates, you chose to pay for the complete fine dining experience.

Deciding to invest in photography with Little Beans, we also aim to give you a complete experience, not a fast food takeaway service. Your files are copied onto a USB, and presented in a box made bespoke for you. We give care and attention to your photographs ensuring that some, if not all of your final images are delivered as professional printed photographs. 


The beautiful products we sell can not be bought on the high street, they are handcrafted and produced by skilled craftsmen in our carefully selected professional labs from around the world.

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USB Boxes




Wooden Orbs





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