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Frequently Asked Questions

I have created a list of my most frequently asked questions below.

For information like prices, what's included in my session and products, such as wall art and albums, please visit my Services page and Products page.

If you have any further questions that are not answered below, please get in touch.

  • When should I book my newborn photography?
    After your 20 week scan and definitely before baby arrives! When you are booked in we will arrange a pre-shoot visit to the studio to meet and plan your styling preferences. ​Once baby has arrived, we will schedule your session date.
  • How old should my baby be for newborn photography?
    The photography profession as a whole recommends within the first two weeks. ​ If you wish me to capture your baby in their fresh, transient newborn stage, then certainly within this time frame. ​ However, if this isn't important to you, I am happy to photograph your new baby up to 8 weeks. Please be aware however, that a baby of this age will probably be very alert and it might not be possible to get the curly, squishy poses.
  • Can other siblings be included?
    Absolutely yes! We love to capture family images and we know how important those will be to you. ​ We have a tried and tested work-around for siblings and will explain this in detail when we meet up.
  • What do I need to bring to the newborn photography session?
    Extra milk if you are bottle feeding or mixed feeding and your baby's changing bag. We recommend a spare set of clothes for baby and for both of you as baby's do have a habit of leaking over freshly laundered clothes! ​ If you have a special keepsake toy, blanket or memento that you would like to have included, please feel free to bring it along. We can discuss this when we meet up.
  • What should I wear on the day?
    For the duration of the shoot whilst you are relaxing, wear something comfortable and cool. The studio does get very warm. ​ When we meet up we will discuss your own portrait style, this will determine what you should wear. To summarise, I recommend, a cohesion of colour and tone in your outfits, and always advise to avoid patterns, logos and bright colours. The aim is to have the focus on you and baby, not what you are wearing.
  • Will my baby be safe during the photo session?
    Yes and I so wish this question was asked more often. I have been professionally trained in newborn photography, and have also studied for and qualified with the Academy of Newborn Photography which focuses on the health and safety aspects pertaining to the newborn baby. This includes complications during delivery and resulting from delivery, which can and should influence how baby is handled and posed. ​ Both photographers hold enhanced DBS clearance and both are trained in paediatric first aid. ​ The studio also has a policy regarding the respectful capture of images and protection of baby's dignity.
  • What if my baby has bad skin on the day?
    All babies go through a stage of having skin blemishes and new babies skin will often be a little bruised and puffy from the birth journey. Milk spots, baby acne, dry skin, scratches, bruises, jaundice and red skin tones are all perfectly normal and no reason to postpone baby's photography session.
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