Our pricing structure is easy 

Pay a deposit and nothing more until your 

In-Studio viewing when you choose your Collection and Wall Art

All photography sessions are booked with a £99 non refundable retainer/deposit. When you attend your In-Studio viewing, the deposit will be deducted at the point of sale when you purchase your Collection and Wall Art.

NEWBORN - allow 2 to 4 hours plus.

Click Here for Newborn collection prices

SITTERS, TODDLERS & BIRTHDAYS - allow 1 to 1 ½ hours

Click here for Sitters, Toddlers & Birthday Collection prices

OUTDOOR - our fees are the same regardless of whether we photograph in the studio or outdoors. When you book a session with Little Beans you are NOT paying for the session; you are paying a reservation fee which is deducted from  your purchase.

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DAARON [ 008 ]4M5A9913-Edit_edited