Newborn Photography at Home

You’ve spent almost 9 months planning for the arrival of your newborn. Those 9 months of pregnancy might just be the longest months of your life. It seems like your due date will never arrive. Then the day actually arrives, and your long-awaited baby is at last nestled in your arms. Next thing you know, someone presses fast forward on your life and the following 12 months are the fastest you’ll ever experience.

Your First Few Weeks

People will tell you the first few weeks are just like being in a bubble. A beautiful new baby bubble. And it’s true. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it but there’s nothing quite like it. You’ll have a constant stream of visitors and you’ll take pride and delight in showing off your new arrival. Your house will be filled with flowers and gifts (as well as more laundry than you ever imagined). Your house will also be filled with love, more love than you ever thought possible.

It’s a time in your life that you absolutely have to capture with pictures… Although we offer studio photography, it’s easy to understand why many parents choose to have their newborn sessions at home.

This gives us the perfect opportunity to capture all of the love in your home that is so clear to see. It’s in the gifts and cards, it’s in the carefully decorated nursery, and it’s in the comfortable way you sit and hold your new baby.

Having a professional photographer capture all of this for you is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give your family. These are the memories and photographs you and your family will want to keep for a lifetime.

Here’s a list of our ‘must-have’ captures for newborn lifestyle photography. Even if you don’t book an ‘At Home’ session with us, make sure you get the images on this list for your family album.

Newborn Album ‘Must Have’ Images

  • Your baby sleeping peacefully in their moses basket or cotThe cards and gifts from family and friends

  • Your nursery decor and special keepsakes

  • Natural images of you holding your baby close

  • Candid shots of your newborn and their siblings

  • Have a family pet? Remember to include them in your photographs – it’s fun to look back and see how everyone has grown, even your fur babies

  • You and your partner with your newborn on your bed (you’ll all spend a LOT of time awake here during the night!)

  • Breastfeeding – these might not make the frame in the hall but are beautiful keepsakes

If you want to see the types of images we capture in At Home Lifestyle sessions, take a look at the gallery here.

Make Time

So if you do nothing else when your baby arrives, make time to capture the memories. It’s the closest we can get to canning this beautiful time in your life and preserving it. I promise you’ll want to re-live those first few days and weeks over and over.

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