Little Beans' Naughty Christmas Elf 2019

This year, our Bean Pod Studio is being visited by one of Father Christmas' scout elves! He's heard how many little boys and girls we meet at this time of the year, and wants an extra pair of eyes and ears here to see if they're naughty or nice and to wish them a very merry Christmas!

Elf on the Shelf is a phenomenon that is fast becoming a tradition for many families, but coming up with a new place to hide your elf every day can be difficult with little ones to look after! So this year we've made it easy for you - we've put together a calendar of quick and easy ideas for you to follow and for your little bean to enjoy discovering!

You can see everything that our elf, Ralphy, gets up to in our private Facebook Group, where we'll be inviting you to share your own elf pictures as December unfolds!

Join the group and download your calendar here:

There are prizes to be won!

From complimentary Mini-Shoots with Little Beans to gifts from our friends at local Salisbury businesses, we'll be rewarding those who follow our story to the end, who share the funniest pictures, and who invite the most friends to join in.

Head over to Facebook to take part - we can't wait to see what your naughty elf gets up to alongside your little bean!

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