7 Tips on Preparing for a Newborn Photography Experience

Many of our mums contact us in the days running up to their newborn baby photoshoot asking what they need to do to get themselves and their babies ready. The main thing, of course, is to make sure you will all be comfortable! But here are a few tips to help you along…

1. Bring lunch! We will provide biscuits or sweets, and teas and coffees, while you’re here, but it is always better to bring something more substantial.

2. Wear something comfy! We have a pair of very comfortable armchairs here that we encourage our parents to relax in; shoots can last up to four hours, so be prepared to settle in for a while.

3. Plain t-shirts are best for parent shots! If you think you’d like a photo with Mummy, Daddy, and Baby, the simpler your clothes, the better. We want to keep the focus on your proud expressions as you look down at your new little one, and patterns can be distracting.

4. Feed baby! We would also ask that you try to feed your baby before leaving for the studio, as it means he/she will be more settled when we start. Failing this, you can always feed when you first arrive.

5. Bring a dummy! The few hours of the photoshoot will not be enough to make your baby dependant on the dummy, but it will help us settle your baby if he/she is a bit grizzly.

6. Call us when you’re leaving! Before you leave home, give us a quick call with an idea of how long you might be. We ask that everyone is on time, but this extra confirmation just means we can make sure we listen out for you.

7. Relax! The newborn photography experience is designed to be a relaxing day-out for everyone involved, so don’t stress about nappy changes or feeds. We can stop for feeds as many times as necessary to get your baby to relax, and will take care of nappies ourselves, so you can sit back and enjoy the time off.

At Little Bean Baby Photography, we understand how hectic those first few days and weeks of having a new baby can be, so we really will try to make the day of the shoot stress-free.

The Welcome Pack we send out to all the mums and dads that book with us also covers the top priorities. If this list doesn’t answer all your questions about preparing for a shoot, please do give us a call, or send us an email, and we’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know!

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