5 Tips for Suggesting Colours Before a Newborn Photography Session

A few days before your photography session, Sonja will ask for your preferences when it comes to colours. There is no obligation to offer any suggestions, as Sonja has put together colour schemes for many babies, so will be able to prepare a selection of blankets that will look lovely next to your baby’s skin.

If you do have some strong preferences that would help guide the set-up, please do let us know. The final pictures are meant to be for you, not us, so we want you to be happy with them. Here are some things that we think about, that you may want to consider, before you get back to us:

1. Tell us what colours you really don’t like. This is the most important thing to consider before you answer the question. The worst thing would be for you to arrive at the studio, only to see that we have set-up a colour palette that you really don’t like and could never envisage having on your wall. If purple has never been your favourite, tell us; if yellow is too bright, tell us; if you would rather not have your baby girl photographed on blue, tell us.

2. Neutral tones are timeless. We will usually recommend a neutral palette of earthy tones as they will always be considered ‘current.’ Contrasting, bright colours are more likely to date, and we want you to be able to display your photographs for years to come. It is likely that we will try to incorporate this palette into some, if not all, of the shots; so, if you do prefer something brighter, it is worth mentioning beforehand.

3. Is your baby jaundiced? If your baby has a slightly yellow skin tone after birth, it is best to tell us in advance, so that we can stay away from colours that might exaggerate this, and therefore keep the photographs as natural as possible.

4. Pinks for girls, and blues for boys. Do you agree or disagree? Would you rather we stayed away from very girly colours and instead chose very simple whites and creams? Or would you prefer greens, greys, and browns for your little boy, rather than pale blues and turquoise?

5. Where do you see your artwork being displayed? Have you got your heart set on having a canvas hung above your little one’s cot, or an acrylic above the fireplace in the lounge? Things like this, though it may seem a long way off, may help determine what colour palette you should ask about. Your artwork has to fit into your home and your lifestyle, so it is important that it has its place.

If you provide us with a few bits of information and ideas (we don’t need you to answer every bullet point above!), we will make sure that your end collection of photographs is tailored to your preferences.

So, if you’ve just had your 20-week scan, give Little Beans a call, and talk through your options today!

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