3 Ways to Display your Professional Portraits

There are many advantages to choosing a professional photographer for your family portraits. The most significant, perhaps, is that I can ensure that you receive stunning images that are in high enough resolution to be printed perfectly – something you often find lacking in most camera phone images.

Professional portraits are not an everyday luxury – most families who come to my studio in Salisbury visit a couple of times a year. It’s a treat to relax and know that your photographs are going to turn out beautifully. I can’t replace your family snaps, the adorable moments that happen in your family life that you capture on your phone – and nor would I want to.

Professional portraits should be in addition to your own family pictures and while most of your family snaps might stay on your phone, my portraits are created to be shown off!

Photo Albums and Memory Boxes

Albums and Folio Boxes are perfect if you are the type of family that likes to snuggle up together and reminisce. There’s something so comforting about looking through albums together – the turning of each page brings a new surprise, a new image to mark a milestone. Children in particular love looking through albums as they grow up. Our Folio Boxes provide a similar feeling, but with the option of framing each image too, and swapping images in and out as time goes on. With this in mind, I offer beautiful designed-to-order heirloom albums and Folio Boxes, combined into one collection for our Premium Newborn Photography Experience.

Photographic Prints

There is something special about prints. They are like little moments in time you can hold in your hand. Our children are living in a digital age and are so used to seeing pictures on a screen that having a print in their hand is almost a novelty. Prints are also a beautiful way to gift. Family and friends love receiving a print as a gift. So many of your family moments are kept on your phone or on the pages of your social media accounts that it’s very easy for your loved ones to miss them. Giving a print as a gift is a beautiful keepsake. I only ever use professional quality printers – to ensure your memories last a lifetime.

Wall Art

I offer a range of beautiful wall art products that can be displayed in your home. The feeling when a guest walks through your door and says ‘wow, what a beautiful portrait’ is hard to beat. My range of products allows you to choose a style that complements your home perfectly. It doesn’t matter if you prefer minimal decor or have a more flamboyant style – I have something to suit.


It can be tricky working out which display method works best for your home. I am here to offer help and advice when choosing products, but, in the meantime, the following articles may give you some inspiration:



I hope this has helped you decide which products are the right ones for you. And if you’ve previously purchased products, I love to see them on display in your home. Tag me in your images or send them to me to be featured on the blog!

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