10 Things to Expect from Your Newborn Photography Experience

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

The Little Bean Baby Photography studio is (we hope!) a small haven for new mums and dads, where we take care of everything that we can for your little one and make some lasting memories for you to cherish.

Before your shoot, we recommend you read through the information provided in your Welcome Pack, and read through our ‘7 Tips on Preparing for your Newborn Photoshoot’ post, as well as this one – just to make sure you come in feeling confident and comfortable.

Here, we would like to take you through a short introduction to the studio, to the setup, and to the people behind Little Bean Baby Photography!

1. The location – We are lucky enough to have a fabulous studio set in a barn that is over 400 years old. Tucked away off the main road, the barn sits at the heart of a private, rural estate, perched on top of its characteristic stone mushroom stilts. You can’t miss it!

2. Health and safety checks – Before the shoot can begin, Sonja will run through a list of health and safety checks. This is not for you to worry about, but simply to ensure that your little one will be safe and comfortable in the studio.

3. Our setup – At the centre of the studio, will be the beanbag. This provides the soft, snuggly backdrop for your baby pictures, and ensures the background for any prints, canvases, or acrylics you order is completely smooth. On either side, will be the lights. This means the main lights will be turned off during the shoot itself, leaving the room quite dark. Combined with the soothing white noise of the Shusher, this may well lull you to sleep!

4. Props and blankets – When you arrive, we will already have chosen a selection of blankets, headbands, hats, and other props that we think will be well-suited to your little one, based on any preferences you have told us about. Please do mention favourite colours or colour schemes a few days before the shoot, to make sure we can’t get it wrong!

5. The team – We have a modest team at Little Bean Baby Photography; the main person you will be familiar with is Sonja, the photographer, but Harry and Chess will also be on hand to assist with the shoot.

6. Tinker dog – Easily the smallest member of our team, but by no means the least important, Tinker is a little Jack Russell who is often found in the studio at the other end of the barn. She is always on-guard, listening out for the courier or new clients. If you would like to meet her, just let us know!

7. Lots of tea, biscuits, sweets – One of our main tasks for the day when you come in for a shoot is to keep you topped up with teas, coffees, and snacks, and make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

8. Privacy when needed – We understand the demanding situation that a new mum is thrust into in the first few weeks after giving birth, and that’s why we are happy to give you the privacy you might need while feeding.

9. Called back for a viewing – At the end of the shoot, Sonja will arrange with you a time and date that works for you to return to the studio to view your pictures.

10. An enjoyable day out and friendly faces – Our priority at Little Beans is to ensure that all members of your new family are happy and at-ease! There is no formal atmosphere, as we like to keep things relaxed; so please do chat to us and make yourself at home!

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