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Window to the Womb

Window to the Womb understand how magical pregnancy is for parents, and try to capture and commemorate this with the scan packages they have available.

"Ultrasound scans are the only way of providing you with essential information about the health, well-being and development of your baby. The primary purpose of all Window to the Womb scan packages is the health and well-being of your baby as we know from experience that this is the first priority of every single expectant mother that we see. Additionally private baby scans can also allow you and your family to start the vitally important process of bonding with your unborn baby; there is significant evidence of the value of this early relationship building" - The Window to the Womb Team

Find out more about Window to the Womb here.

Mini First Aid

Mini First Aid teach expecting, new, and experienced mums and dads the essential life-saving skills that all parents should know, giving them confidence in their own abilities if faced with a medical emergency. Mini First Aid provide a multi-award-winning service in and around the local area, including in the Bean Pod!

Their courses range from full OFSTED recognised Paediatrics First Aid courses, suitable for groups and workplaces, to shorter 2hr courses designed for expecting and new parents. We would recommend the 2-hour course to all of our parents, as it covers CPR, choking, burns, bumps, breaks, bleeding, febrile seizures, and Meningitis Awareness and will give everyone who attends the peace of mind they deserve.  

Find out more about Mini First Aid here.

Relax My Baby

Relax My Baby specialise in prenatal and postnatal yoga, baby massage, and mum and baby yoga. Gemma builds her classes around a core ethos of bonding and sharing experiences as new parents, and teaches new and existing parents valuable relaxation techniques.


Through her own experience, Gemma knows that baby yoga and baby massage can help ease those ailments that newborns often suffer with, such as trapped wind and colic, as well as helping babies achieve those important early milestones.


Pregnancy yoga classes not only help to make you feel more comfortable, but have been known to ease pain during labour. Her postnatal yoga classes aim to ease new mums back into exercise, as well as build up strength and stability.

Find out more about Relax My Baby here.

Afon House

Afon House Chiropractic Clinic in Salisbury focuses on relieving discomfort from sports injuries, back and neck pain, arthritis, and tendonitis among other things, enabling their clients to enjoy a comfortable, active lifestyle pain-free. A free first consultation is available, to ensure that the right treatment is offered to you, recommending alternatives to chiropractic treatment where necessary. Fantastic treatments are also available for pregnant women, babies, and toddlers. 

We often recommend our brand new mums and dads to Afon House for their complimentary initial newborn check-up, which can reveal any stiffnesses and discomfort your baby may be experiencing after birth.

Find out more about Afon House here.

Isa B Creations

Named after her baby daughter, Isa B was established by Rebecca, who grew the business through her love of creating unique clothing for her own family. The patterns and items available from Isa B are unlike anything offered anywhere else, and the fact that Rebecca makes every item herself adds an extra-special touch. Rebecca has a huge range of colourful, fun fabrics to offer, and each item can be tailored to specific needs and requests. We highly recommend taking a look at Isa B's products, as something special is bound to jump out at you!


Find out more about Isa B Creations here.


Turtle Tots

Turtle Tots in Salisbury is run by Becky, an NCT Antenatal teacher, who has plenty of knowledge to share with you in her classes. She believes that swimming benefits our little ones immeasurably, especially when we start practicing so young. It can help develop core strength and stamina, progress gross motor skills (such as reaching and grabbing), and the classes themselves can aid communication and emotional intelligence through their use of music!


The Turtle Tots programme begins with aqua-natal yoga for mums-to-be and then continues until your baby is a toddler, with lessons that develop at your baby's pace. The lessons are taught by highly trained teachers, and have a strong focus on life-saving skills from a young age. The environment is always non-competitive, and fosters a strong bonding, trusting, respectful atmosphere, instilling in your little ones a lifelong love of water.

For the mums who bring their little ones along, it is a good introduction to post-natal fitness and gives you a fun, dedicated time in which to bond with your child.

Find out more about Turtle Tots here.


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