Premium Newborn Photography Experiences

At Little Bean Baby Photography, our Newborn Photography Experiences are at the centre of what we do – they remain our most popular photoshoots, and in the last two years we have seen well over two hundred and fifty little beans come through our studio doors.

We use the word ‘Experience’ very deliberately. Our mums and dads don’t come to Little Beans for a few quick photographs, they are invited into our dedicated Bean Pod studio for a relaxing day with teas, coffees, cookies, and supportive chats about all-things-newborn. The most important thing to us, beyond capturing these precious early memories, is to give our new parents a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy themselves. We take care of everything, so we encourage you to catch up on sleep, messages, and quiet time as much as possible!

Then, Sonja works her magic. We take our time making sure that your little one is comfortable and content, keeping the studio warm and cosy, and the lights down.
Each session is entirely baby-led: we don’t believe in unnatural poses and will never try to make your baby do something he or she is not happy with. While we have our pre-determined list of favourite poses, we’ll work the order and final flow around the signals your baby gives us, stopping for feeds, cuddles, and nappy-changes as often as necessary.

If you’ve seen some of Sonja’s work before, you’ll know the style: it’s always classic, timeless, and unfussy. The focus is always on the baby, and the images are not over-burdened with props! Your collection of images will be a way for you to look back on this special time, the first few weeks of your baby’s life, and remember all those beautiful newborn details that are unique to your bean.

Each Premium Newborn Photography Experience includes:
  • Up to 4 hours in the studio with Sonja
  • A series of classic poses on the posing bean bag
  • Our signature floral ring or bowl shot or an alternative if preferred
  • A choice of family shots
  • A private cinema-style viewing of your collection two weeks later
To complete your Newborn Photography Experience, we will invite you back into the studio to view your collection. This is an opportunity to enjoy all the images from your photoshoot, and for us to see you and your little bean again! At this point, you choose your favourite images for your selected collection and should you wish to buy additional prints or Wall Art we will guide you through the options.
We don’t believe in hard-sales; but we will be on hand to help with any decision-making, should you want it.

Common worries that parents have before their photography session:
  • What if my baby doesn’t sleep? Don’t worry! We are very patient, and all babies will eventually sleep. As a newborn specialist, Sonja is very experienced at baby-soothing.
  • What if my baby is a bit jaundiced, or has flaky skin? No problem. We will be able to enhance any images to remove blemishes that you might not want visible on your artwork, including skin colouring, milk spots, and dry skin. The level of editing that your final artwork receives will be discussed with you.
What products do we offer?
We have a carefully chosen range of products, including Wall Art (canvases, acrylics, and frames), printable digital collections on a USB memory stick, keepsake Folio boxes that combine digital images with high-quality prints, and albums. The minimum collection price is £450; however, if you wish to upgrade your collection at your viewing or add to it we will guide you through the options. Check out our range of products here. 
To read first-hand testimonials from previous Little Bean mums and dads, view our Reviews page; or, to find out more about how our Photography Experiences work, give the Bean Studio a call on 01722 398822.

To book your Newborn Photography Experience with Little Beans, click the button below and get in touch!

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DAARON [ 008 ]4M5A9913-Edit_edited