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One day, your grandchildren will ask to see photographs of your children; how will you answer? 


In this day and age of digital images, it's all too easy for images to be lost in the digital ether, for files to be damaged, for hard drives to fail, for phones and pen drives to break or get lost and with them your precious memories.

There is no doubting, the magic of holding a photograph, having a tangible picture that can be treasured, framed, popped in the family album and passed down the generations.

It's been well documented that children who grow up seeing portraits of themselves in and around their home environment, grow up with a stronger sense of belonging, value and self esteem. 

At Little Beans, we are huge advocates of the printed image, so much so, that all of our collections include professionally printed photographs. As part and parcel of your photography experience, we take the time to show you examples of our carefully handcrafted and bespoke products; everything from our Pro Lab prints to Folio Print Boxes, Framed Wall Art and slick contemporary Acrylics and Floating Fine Art options.


In addition to the prints included in your collection, we appreciate that you may wish to purchase other prints for yourself or for gifts and we have the perfect options for you.

Individual Pro Lab Prints

Printed professionally to guarantee correct colour and print quality and a life time of longevity.


Pro Lab Prints


9" x 6"     £25


12" x 8"   £30


16" x 12"  £45


20" x 30"  £105

Mounted Pro Lab Prints


9" x 6"     £40


12" x 8"   £49


16" x 12"  £79

Box of Prints

Possibly put some text here about print box from Digitalab or our own matted prints in a tiny box photo box or an NPhoto print box.

Folio Box


Your Folio Box will be handcrafted especially for you, so will be unique to you.

PINK FOLIO BOX [ 012 ]5D3_7111.jpg


Your Folio Box will be created with dedication by highly skilled craftsman and crafted to last a lifetime.

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Vegan Friendly

Your Folio Box will be wrapped in either a textile or leatherette of your choice.


Mounted Prints

Your Folio Box will be produced specifically to accommodate your chosen collection of images. 

From 5 to 30 mounted or matted prints.

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Over 70 Colourways

Whether you like pastel shades or prefer the vibrancy of joyful bright tones, the choice is entirely yours. With over 70 colour combinations to choose from, your Folio Box will be truly personal to you.

PINK FOLIO BOX [ 006 ]5D3_7099.jpg

USB Included

Print ready digital files of your purchased images are saved onto a USB for your safekeeping and enjoyment.



Personalise your baby's Folio Box with your own choice of wording on the front cover.



More versatile than an album because each included Art Print can be framed and swapped out whenever you wish to ring the changes.