Bigger Beans
Many of the mums and dads that bring their brand-new little beans to us, ask us what we offer for older babies. They want to capture every stage of their baby’s development, as they learn to crawl, to smile, to chatter, and eventually to walk.
The next step, after newborn, is our ‘Sitter’ shoots. These Bigger Bean shoots are designed for babies who are around the 7-month mark, who can sit independently, but are not yet able to crawl. We want to capture those first cheeky grins as they look straight at the camera or play with their toys, without them venturing off to explore the studio! We understand that it may be hard to keep your little one’s attention for long periods of time, so we can stop for feeds, nappy-changes, and cuddles as many times as we need to.

Jumping Beans

Many families want to preserve the magic of those first few steps and words, and to track the huge changes that your little bean undergoes in those first two years. These shoots always keep us on our toes; with many little beans toddling around, we have to employ every tactic to keep them happy and focused! We stop for treats, games, and mummy and daddy cuddles as many times as we need to, in the process capturing some fantastic natural shots that our parents always love!

We can include props along the birthday theme, such as balloons, bubbles, bunting, and our silver Number 1, or we can keep things simple, timeless, and unfussy, with a clean white background and a few of their favourite toys.

At this age, we hope to capture each jumping bean’s personality – all those individual laughs, giggles, and facial expressions – to provide you with a collection that really reflects their emerging individuality.

Each Bigger Beans and Jumping Beans Photography Experience includes:
  • Up to 1 ½ hours in the studio with Sonja
  • A series of classic poses in a timeless set
  • A chance to include some favourite toys
  • A choice of family photograph
  • A private cinema-style viewing of your collection two weeks later
As with our Newborn Photography Experiences, our Bigger Beans shoots are rounded off with a personal viewing experience back in the studio a couple of weeks later. This is an opportunity to see your collection in its entirety before selecting which images you would like to keep!
What products do we offer?
From experience, we know that most of our mums and dads would prefer to have their images digitally, ready to printed as many times as they like and given out as gifts as well as displayed at home. As a result, our Bigger Beans and Jumping Beans Experiences include digital collections. We do, however, offer a range of carefully curated print options for those who would like us to take care of the professional printing side of things, ensuring that your prints stand the test of time and do your photography justice.
To read first-hand testimonials from previous Little Bean mums and dads, view our Reviews page; or, to find out more about how our Photography Experiences work, give the Bean Studio a call on 01722 398822.
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