Bespoke Photography
Every now and then, new or expectant parents will come to us with a specific request. They have an image in mind that they would like us to create, an unusual prop they would like us to incorporate, or a particular theme that they would like us to capture.
The bespoke shoots we have done in the past have been some of our favourites. They give us a chance to further exercise our own creativity, to come up with new ideas, and create some exciting new compositions. We have had some adorable family pets, some doting older siblings, and some fun stuffed animals in the studio over the years, and each collection really has been incredibly unique as result.
So, what qualifies as a bespoke shoot?
  • Including siblings
  • Including pets
  • Including large props
  • Working to a specific theme, such as ‘flamingos,’ that requires additional planning
So, if you have something in mind but aren’t sure that it would fit into our standard Newborn Photography Experience, it is always worth enquiring about a bespoke shoot!
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DAARON [ 008 ]4M5A9913-Edit_edited