Heirloom Albums

Some of the mums and dads that bring their little beans in to see us prefer the idea of keeping their images private, in a personalised album, rather than choosing Wall Art designed for display. Albums can be a beautiful way of showcasing your collection of images alongside each other. Each album features your favourite 20 images, comes presented in a coordinating keepsake box, with your images also available digitally on a USB.
Our albums are designed especially for you, the layout of each album is put together by Sonja, before it is approved by you. 
Some of our product collections feature miniature gift albums, which are smaller in size and include a limited number of images. Different personalisation options are available, including front cover text and interior image-framing.
Designed bespoke for you...
Every collection of images is different. No exact colour combination is used twice, with the same wraps, headbands, hats, and props. So why should every Album be the same? We encourage our mums and dads to personalise their box as much as possible, so it reflects the memories that are kept within it.
Choose one leatherette colour for the cover of your album and its keepsake box, one textile colour for the interior of your box, and include your own text on the front - this is often your little bean's name and date of birth. The texture of the pages can also be personalised, depending on whether you would prefer a matte or glossy finish.
Heirloom Albums featuring 20 images with accompanying USB are £950.
Smaller gifting albums are included in Newborn Collection Two and the Bigger Beans Folio Box & More Collection.
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